Why your LinkedIn posts aren’t generating leads

Features, benefits and outcomes.

These are the three non-negotiables you NEED to be talking about in your written content.

In the service-based world, this is how I define the three:

Features = the ‘ingredients’, if you like, of your service. The steps your clients will take to eventually reach the ultimate outcome.

Benefits = the smaller outcomes that your clients will achieve along the way. Happy little side effects, if you like, of the outcome.

Outcome = the one big ultimate thing you help your clients achieve.

Now, we all know that benefits and outcomes are extremely important when it comes to writing lead-generating content. 

But what so many people don’t realise is that you DO need to talk about the features of your service too!

Soooooo many marketers say that ‘features’ aren’t important because all that matters is the outcome but I couldn’t disagree more.

Here’s why… 

In order to generate high quality leads – i.e. leads from people who perfectly or almost perfectly meet your ideal client avatar or target customer or whatever you wanna call it – you need to be explaining exactly what your service entails.

It’s all very well saying “I’ll help you find your dream job within one month” or “I’ll help you overcome anxiety in six weeks” or “I’ll help you double your income by teaching you how to write exceptional LinkedIn posts” (that last one is my service, btw) but if you don’t explain exactly HOW that outcome is achieved, you’re going to run into two problems.

The first problem is that you will end up attracting the wrong people if you don’t explain the steps your clients take to go from point A (where they are now) to point B (the ultimate outcome). You wanna make sure that ONLY the people who are ready and willing to do the work required to go from A to B are contacting you, and not the people who think “oh, doubling my income sounds great, I don’t want to do much work to achieve that though… I’ll ask about [your offer] anyway and see what they say.”

These people are almost always time wasters and never really willing to put in the time and work required to reach point B, the ultimate outcome.

The second problem, and the biggest I think, is that your ideal client might be reading about the outcomes you promise them and be thinking “yes! I NEED to achieve that!”… but, because there is zero detail of the steps involved to get from point A to point B, they don’t believe you can take them there.

So you are literally missing out on ££££s you could be earning by helping your perfect clients reach the ultimate outcome that you are more than able to help them achieve! 

Ugh it’s SO frustrating that so many marketers say features aren’t important! They SO ARE!

It just makes so much sense if you really think about it. If you’re promising a particular outcome to a particular type of person, but you’re not explaining exactly HOW you are going to help them achieve that outcome, then they’re not going to believe that you can help them! If you have the steps listed out clearly and in detail, you’re showing them that you have an exact process you follow PLUS they can see the steps and decide whether they’re steps they want to follow 🙂

Here is my own example of how I describe the ‘features’ of my own offer so you can see exactly what I mean… 

During my four week one-to-one mentoring programme in which I help my clients double their income simply by writing fantastic LinkedIn posts, we work on the following things:

1 – Clearly writing your offer in your profile so that your ideal client immediately understands how you can help them and why it’s perfect for them once they land on your page, which will generate more leads in the first instance;

2 – Showing you exactly how to find, be accepted by and become visible to your specific ideal clients with my own proven engagement strategy that only takes 20 minutes a day (or less);

3 – Writing posts that display your expertise, capture the attention of those dream clients and, ultimately, encourage them to message you asking for further information about your service(s) – even if they’ve only read a few of your posts.

I give you written templates to work from in ‘homework’ assignments, and I’ll give you extremely detailed feedback on every single assignment and each post you write while we’re working together.

We also have several recorded Zoom calls, and you will have unlimited access to me via messenger throughout the programme.

See what I mean? The steps are soooo clearly defined that firstly you KNOW that I know what I’m talking about – and also, it’s incredibly easy for you to decide whether it’s the right sort of programme for you!

With that said, if you think you might be interested in working with me 1:1, just send me a message and I’ll send you more details and ask you a few questions to check you’re a good fit for the programme 🙂