Can’t think of new content ideas every day? Then what?

If you are approaching your social media marketing strategy in the way I think you should (and in fact the way I know works), i.e. adding new ideal clients to your network on a daily basis and therefore becoming visible to new ideal clients all the time, they are not going to have seen your older posts. That’s obvious.

Secondly, it’s very shortsighted to assume that everyone in your network will see every single post you write. We know that algorithms are funny things (and so unpredictable, since social media is always changing). You’ll be scrolling and something pops up on your feed from two weeks ago. The next thing you see is a post from two minutes ago. Your feed is changing and updating constantly. All the damn time. It’s hard to keep up!

Lastly, and perhaps the thing that people are least privy to – you can write about the same subject in an infinite amount of ways! There’s only so much knowledge you have, and when you work in an extremely niche area or field, your knowledge is even more limited than most.

For example, a career coach who only works with 7-figure managing directors in the mergers and acquisitions industry is a very, very targeted niche. There will be a much more limited amount of topics they can actually write about than say, a career coach who works with people in middle-management financial services roles.

But no matter how niche your service is, you CAN write endless content.

So how do you write about the same subjects without becoming boring or repetitive?

Repurposing is your best friend 🙂

This is when you take one idea, and write about it in lots of different ways. And you’re probably already doing this without even realising it. Have you ever written a blog post or a longer article, and then used it as inspiration for a shorter social media post? Perhaps you’ve filmed a video for your social media and you’ve then used that to create a written post. Both of these ideas are repurposing. You may just write about the same topic in a few different ways. This is also fine! You can make the same point over and over again, but say it in a different way each time.

If you find yourself worrying that people will notice that you’re writing about the same topic over and over again, please stop.

Often – in fact regularly – people who message me enquiring about my services will say something like, “I’ve been following you for X weeks/months and I notice you often talk about X [X being one subject in particular]. Your post from today really spoke to me and I had to message you.”

Isn’t that even better proof?! Sometimes, you need to say the same thing over and over again, but in different ways, in order for somebody to have it ‘click’ within their own brain. We all consume the written word in a variety of ways – everybody is different.

Here’s my last tip…

Sometimes I just copy and paste an old post. In fact I do this quite often and it’s totally fine. It isn’t lazy. It’s smart and saves time. I highly recommend doing it – but I probably wouldn’t post the exact same thing more than once every few weeks, just cos it does then run the risk of becoming repetitive, plus you will never improve your writing if you don’t practice it regularly.

So next time you’re thinking, “I can’t write about X again, I did a post about that last week!”, imagine a tiny version of me on your shoulder, whispering into your ear…

“You TOTALLY can. And should! DO IT NOW!” ??‍♀️

After all, you may have added the perfect client for you this morning. If they’ve never seen any of your posts before, this one might be the post they need to see to make the move and message you 😉

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 when you get the hang of it.

Coming up with repurpose-able content ideas and then using them to create powerful, brilliantly written posts that generate leads forms a big chunk of my private four week mentoring programme.

The programme is for business owners who are currently earning high 5 or 6 figures and wanting to double their income purely through writing high quality LinkedIn content. 

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