Stop being weird about stating outcomes!

As a service-based business owner, you know that you serve your customers or clients in a valuable way. That’s a given. But what exactly do you help them *achieve*?

This is what I think: the outcome you help your clients reach when you’re providing a service is almost always going to be to do with MONEY. Making or saving it.

It does not matter what your service is — your client’s ultimate outcome is, 99.9% of the time, going to be something to do with money.

And you have to be specific about what this money-based outcome is.

If you help your clients make money, how much is that, exactly? Same for saving money. How much?

I am pretty certain that you’re now thinking, “I can’t say, because each client is different!”

Well… this part’s easy. Easy-ish, anyway.

Which of your clients have had the *best* results from working with you?

What have they all had in common to start with?

E.g. Were they all already great at closing sales? Did they already generate a steady stream of leads? Are they all brilliant content writers? Were they all already making at least £X per month?

See where I’m going with this? The types of client you get the best results with will all be fairly similar in one specific area. This makes your job soooooo much easier, because you are then bridging just ONE gap, solving just ONE problem for them in order for them to go from A (problem/issue they’re having) to B (ultimate outcome that you help them achieve).

Stop making your life harder than it needs to be. Stop trying to attract anyone and everyone. Start just working with those clients who have their shit together in every aspect of their life/business EXCEPT for the one area YOU help them improve.

Then, you can be confident and BOLD when explaining the outcome you help them achieve in specific, definitive, totally unambiguous terms that completely and utterly resonate with your ideal clients.

Makes sense when you think of it like that, hey!

Getting clarity on the one BIG outcome is one of the first things I work on with my private clients.

Doing this totally transforms how they approach writing their LinkedIn posts and vastly improves not only the quantity but the quality of the leads they get.

(And I’m HUGE on quality — no use getting a lead if it doesn’t convert!)

With that said, if you’re already making £5-10k a month and you want me to help you stop overcomplicating your written content and clarify *exactly* what you help your clients do so you can at least *double* your income, get in touch about my private mentoring programme in which you can start generating one strong lead per day in as little as 3 weeks.