My strategy for getting a good lead most days

Magic wands don’t exist. There’s no ‘quick fix’ to get several strong leads dropping into your LinkedIn inbox every single week.

Yeah you could just try the ‘spray and pray’ approach. Add everybody in sight. Slide into a few DMs posing like you’re interested in what they do and slyly deliver your own pitch.

It sounds quite easy. And you could probably do it in less than 10 minutes a day! If you use automation, then you don’t even need to dedicate 10 minutes to doing it.

And yes, this approach might get you *some* leads. But there’s zero quality control. Most of those leads won’t convert because they’re not *actually* leads. And it actually takes way more effort then you realise – not to mention the draining effect it has on you to suffer repeat knock backs.

Imagine how much energy you’re using right now on your current social media marketing attempts.

Even if you do have *some* strategy in place, the fact that you’ve read this far says to me that it isn’t really working that well, and you aren’t getting those several strong leads each and every week.

So here ya go. I’ll make it easy for you.

This is what I do each and every day, and this approach gets me at least one (strong) lead every other day:

– I search for and add about 20 of my absolute dream clients on LinkedIn, I don’t include a personalised message or slide into their DMs at any point;

– I comment on at least 10 posts posted by my absolute dream clients – in these comments I try to add as much value as possible e.g. correcting misguided viewpoints about the topics I’m an expert in or agreeing with other industry experts and adding my own take on an issue; (these first two steps do only take about 20 minutes a day, easy peasy)

– I then post at least two highly informative ‘value’ or ‘tip’ posts designed to help my own audience learn how to get strong leads from their own written posts.

The posts I write each day are either completely original brand new pieces, or they’re repurposed from old posts I’ve written. If I’m feeling really lazy I might copy/paste a post I’d written a few weeks ago. (Not afraid to admit that, laziness rules sometimes.)

Either way, they are ALWAYS full of value and designed to not only display my expertise and show that I know what I’m talking about, but to actually help my audience too. For free. With no strings attached.

(This is a separate topic entirely but I get really sick of seeing people post stuff like “comment below if you wanna know how I made £5k last week!” and “my latest podcast talks about X, Y and Z and you can only listen if you sign up on my website here!” and “I’m hosting a free webinar tomorrow about how to overcome XYZ, comment below to get the password!“. It’s like ugh, just give it ALL away, in your content, for free. It helps your audience like you and trust that you can do what you say you can do, and there are no strings attached – AND THEY WILL STILL COME TO YOU TO WORK WITH YOU ANYWAY! Plus it’s a whole lot LESS effort for you overall. Anyway, back to the main topic!)

A couple of times a week I directly post about my mentoring programme, who it’s for, how it works, what results I help people achieve and how they can get in touch about it. (If you’re interested in learning about my four week mentoring programme in which I help people get several high quality leads every single week by adopting my own approach, just fill in this contact form and I’ll email you back!)

Of course all of this is combined with my exceptionally clear LinkedIn profile that has been written with my specific ideal client in mind.

I don’t use sales funnels, I don’t ‘nurture’ my audience, I don’t have lead magnets.

And best of all… my approach gets me the results I want – one strong lead at least every other day (most days, in fact).

I believe that the main reason that I get these results is because I’m soooo absolutely crystal clear about what I offer and to whom – and I talk about the results I help my clients achieve in very simple and plain terms!

Everyone can do this. It takes effort, of course – but the effort it takes compared to the rewards you can get if you do it well? Tiny.