All that is gold does not glitter

I’m gonna get tough with you right now cos I feel like this needs to be said.

As a service-based online business owner, to generate good (i.e. likely to convert) leads from your posts, you need to explain the outcome your ideal clients can expect from working with you.

So, take a moment to consider these two questions and don’t scroll down to the next bit until you’ve answered them (doing this in your head is fine!):

  1. What is the outcome of your service?
  2. What result do your clients get from working with you?


Now you can scroll.

Lots of people will answer these two questions with something fluffy like…

“I help my clients overcome imposter syndrome”

“I help my clients become more visible to potential clients”

“I help my clients become more knowledgeable about where the money in their business is going”

Each statement above ^^^ does not convey the *ultimate* outcome.

They do convey *an* outcome.

Just not *the* outcome.

Reflect on the answer you came up with.

Is it fluffy? Be honest with yourself. (And, if you like, reply to this post and tell me your answer and I’ll let you know if it’s fluffy! Seriously, I will!)

Using the above examples, specifically, this is what I’d say to anyone who comes up with those ‘fluffy’ answers as their ‘ultimate outcome statement’…

– What does overcoming imposter syndrome allow your client to go on to do?

– What happens when your client becomes more visible?

– If your client is more knowledgeable about where the money in their business is going, how does this ultimately help them?

Your answer to any of the above is almost always going to be something to do with money. You will probably be helping them with something that allows them to run a more profitable business and, ultimately, enables them to get richer!

It’s not crass or vulgar to talk about money in this way. If you feel this way, I can’t help you. It’s one of those things you need to overcome either by yourself, or with the help of somebody who helps with that kind of thing.

Money is important and a good thing. We need it to survive and it helps us do nice things like go on holiday, buy property, donate to charity, pay for our children’s futures and so on.

If you empower your clients to do something which will ultimately make them richer, you need to be clear about this.

Saying “I will help you be more confident” is okay. It would be nice to be more confident, I guess. But what I really want to know is WHAT that increase in confidence will enable me to go on to do.

Saying “I will help you uncover the mindset blocks that are stopping you from becoming the confident, empowered woman you are deep down. Working with me will give you the courage to treble your prices and pay off your mortgage within a year!” is much, much, MUCH more attractive, isn’t it?

And it makes YOU sound more confident about the service you provide, when you can directly link it to a monetary outcome. (In my opinion anyway.)

Beating around the bush never got anybody any leads. You know this. So why are you continuing to do it? It literally makes no sense.

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