Not every lead is actually a lead

How do you define a strong lead, compared to an ‘ok’ one?

Here’s what I think.

A strong lead is a lead from your absolute dream client who’s excited about your offer, only has a couple of queries they need you to clarify, and are 90% ready to buy. All that’s left for you to do is qualify them – cos remember, you don’t just work with anyone 😉 – and finish the sales process. These leads are the BEST 🙂

An ‘ok’ lead is a lead from someone who may or may not be your ideal client. They have lots and lots of questions, and you probably go back and forth with them over messenger for what feels like forever answering their queries and trying to help them ‘overcome doubts’. Eventually the conversation dies out, or they say “let me think about it”… only for you never to hear from them again.

Picture the scenario…

You get a message saying “I’m interested in your service. Can you tell me more?”

You get excited. This could be your first 5 figure month! You reply with all the details and the price.

Then they either ghost you completely, or come back a few days later and say, “actually, no. Sorry.”

Why does this keep happening to you?

Are you just not good enough? Not convincing enough?

It’s neither of these things. You ARE good enough. You’re MORE than good enough.

It’s nothing to do with not being ‘convincing’ enough either.

If you’re targeting the right people – your ideal, dream clients who you KNOW you can help absolutely transform their business or life – your problem is most likely the clarity of your message.

Your service ‘works’. You know that cos you’ve done it with lots of previous clients. But you’re not being CLEAR enough on how you get them from A (their current problem) to B (the ultimate outcome that you help them achieve).

Explaining what your service is and how it helps your clients get from A to B is specifically what I help my private mentoring clients do in my four week programme. This helps them generate one strong lead most days on LinkedIn.

How much extra ££££ would a strong lead most days add to your bottom line over the course of a month? A year? Could one or two converting leads per week help you double your income? Quadruple it?

Let me explain how I actually work this ‘magic’ (as it’s been described by past and present clients!)

First of all, we clarify your offer so you’re crystal clear on what you do, who you help and what you help them achieve. We work together to write it in a really clear, concise, straightforward way, and then transfer that into your profile ‘summary’ section. (Take a look at my own LinkedIn profile if you wanna see how this looks.) This allows your ideal client to immediately understand how you can help them once they land on your profile.

Next, I show you not only how to find 20 of your absolute DREAM clients every day, but how to actually become visible to them so that you’re on their radar from day one of connecting! This ensures you’re showing up on their feed, and that they start to recognise you as a rather helpful new connection who they feel intrigued by…

Lastly, we get you writing brilliant posts that not only display your expertise, but actively invite those absolute dream clients to work with you! You’ll go away knowing exactly how to write these types of posts forever and ever. I give you my exact thought process for coming up with new post ideas, and I’ll show you how to reuse and repurpose these ideas over and over again so that you never run out of things to say.

The actual ‘writing content to generate hella strong leads’ part of this programme forms the main chunk of what we do, because this is what I know I’m really, really good at and it’s what gets my clients the best results.

If you’re interested in working with me 1:1, just fill in this contact form and I’ll send you more details of the programme via email and if you’re a good fit, we can start working together right away.