Is a ghostwriter necessary? I don’t think so

Why bother learning how to write high-quality written posts that generate leads from your ideal clients every single day, when you could just hire a ghostwriter or copywriter to do it for you?

There’s an ancient saying, usually attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius, that goes something like “give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” I know you’ve heard it – we all have. You know what it means too.

Here’s why I think it’s so, so relevant to what I teach my private mentoring clients, and why I think that everybody else should absolutely learn how to write their own social media posts rather than just hiring someone to do it for them. 

First and foremost, as a service-based business owner, you’re the one person who knows better than anyone else what you offer, to whom, why they need it, exactly how it helps them, the exact process you follow and the specific results they can achieve from working with you.

Your ghostwriter may be able to capture elements of it in the posts they write as you, but they will never be in your true, authentic voice.

Secondly, if you’re constantly refining and perfecting your offer – which is an ever-changing work in progress because nothing is ever perfect – there will be small (but significant) ‘tweaks’ you make to your offer fairly often as you take on more clients and figure out more of what works.

Your offer should be mentioned in around 75% of your LinkedIn content. I’m not saying that every single post needs to be a lengthy offer proposal and call to action, but you should be alluding to your offer in around three quarters of your content in order to attract daily leads from your ideal clients. 

(This is just based on how I approach my own content strategy, and what has worked for me to bring in one high-quality lead per day.)

If you’re posting three times a day, that’s 21 times a week. 16 of those posts should mention, either briefly or at length, your offer.

So, if you’re having to relay any tweaks in your offer to your copywriter or ghostwriter on a regular basis, you run the risk of them getting it wrong and ruining 75% of your content. And it won’t be their fault; they’re not you, and they don’t know your offer inside out like you do.

Here are a couple of examples… 

1 – You may have realised that you need to slightly change the ideal client avatar you’re targeting. Perhaps you’ve realised that while you enjoy working with service based business owners and that’s not going to change, you may be veering more towards working with people who are particularly spiritual or “woo woo”. In order for your content to strongly resonate with that type of person, you may think that you need to use more emotive language, and write in a less candid, forthright manner in order to capture the attention of and reverberate with that type of ideal client. Your ghostwriter may not totally ‘get’ this subtle (but significant) shift in tone that is required for this new ideal client to appreciate your content and eventually reach out to you to work with you.

2 – You might have realised that you need to overhaul part or all of your programme or service, for whatever reason. It may still produce the same results for your ideal client, but you’ve figured out a way to do this more quickly. You may now even decide to charge more for it, because of this breakthrough. If you had a ghostwriter writing your content for you, you’d need to reiterate everything about the changes and the pricing to them, and ensure that they fully understood the changes and the reasons for them. 

You don’t actually have to be a massively innovative or inventive writer to write posts that generate high quality leads i.e. leads from your absolute dream clients. You do need to be a skilled writer to an extent, because your posts do need to be clear – but you don’t need to be particularly creative.

I’m not saying a ghostwriter isn’t beneficial. They can be brilliant for writing posts that aren’t directly related to your offer, like story posts or for repurposing functions. They can be good for drumming up your engagement by writing posts that attract comments – although I don’t recommend hiring one to engage with ideal clients on your behalf – I believe that this should always be authentic, and come from you.

But I honestly think that if you want the best chance of writing LinkedIn posts that generate the highest quality leads possible every single day, your posts need to be crystal clear – and I genuinely think that only YOU can do that. Not a ghostwriter.

Going back to the “give a man a fish” quote, if you’d like to learn the principles of what I teach so you can “eat for a lifetime”, I can help.

One of the foundations of what I teach is how to write your own high quality content that negates the requirement for a ghostwriter ever again – even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly creative writer!

Contact me here and ask about my four week private writing mentoring programme for high 5 and 6 figure business owners. I’ll send you more details and then, if you’re still interested, I’ll ask you a few questions to determine fit for the programme. If you are a fit, I can enroll you right away and send you your first assignment immediately!