Case study: a post which resulted in two leads within 10 minutes

In June, I wrote a very quick and simple post which resulted in two leads from two ideal clients within just 10 minutes.

You can read the post here.

Here are the reasons which I think the post resulted in two strong leads so quickly… 

Firstly, I open the post straight off by directly calling out my ideal client, ie an online, service based business owner who uses LinkedIn to obtain clients. I don’t do any kind of long intro or try to make it anything other than it is: a direct, call to action, sales post.

Next, I’ve specified the EXACT problem my ideal clients are having ie they rarely get inbound leads on LinkedIn

Then, I pre-qualify them BEFORE they message me (these are points 2-6) – and I specifically state that if all 6 or 5 of these points apply, then they only have ONE problem, which is that they are not writing clear enough posts. 

Because I have already pre-qualified that they need to be meeting all or most of the points I listed, I can be quite sure that their problem is not that their offer is crap, or they don’t have client results to back it up, or they can’t close the sale when they DO get a lead. 

I can say that I am *almost certain* that their issue is that their posts are not clear enough.

I then go straight into the fact that I can help them fix this problem, and the exact results I can help them achieve and now – “one high quality lead most days, just from posting on LinkedIn and engaging for 20 minutes with your ideal clients in a really targeted way”! 

Note that I do not claim that I can help them fix anything OTHER than the fact that their posts are not clear enough. I am not saying “I can help with this, this, this and that!”

I then go on to explain HOW my four week mentoring programme works. These are the two paragraphs which start “I will help you get super clear…” and “Once you’re clear on that…”.

I then explain how quickly the results can happen – “This framework is designed…” – and I mention that there are some things I DON’T do ie nurturing, lead magnets, tunnels etc.

I then explain that I use this exact strategy myself and that I know it works. I give my own results (5-7 quality leads a week, 1-2 of which result in a conversion).

Then, the call to action. I am extremely clear on what to do if someone wants to learn more about working with me. I also show how quick and easy it is to sign up and get started immediately. I don’t ask them to fill in some long form, or book a call, or send me an email. It couldn’t be easier to reach out, learn more, sign up and get started.

Note that this post has had just 10 likes and ZERO comments. This post is living proof that you do not need high levels of engagement in order to generate high quality, regular leads.

I mentor my private clients to write posts like these which almost always result in a strong lead from an ideal client soon after they have posted it. The full details of my one-to-one mentoring programme can be found here and, if you’re interested in working with me in this capacity, please send me a message on LinkedIn or Facebook.